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Watch Live Buffalo vs Jacksonville [American Football] Week 17 Live Stream Full HD Online Tv

Watch Live Buffalo vs Jacksonville [American Football] Week 17 Live Stream Full HD Online Tv

Watch Live Buffalo vs Jacksonville [American Football] Week 17 Live Stream Full HD Online Tv

Buffalo vs Jacksonville [American Football] Week 17 Live Stream

In many ways, this is all a little surreal. The Bills are in the NFL playoffs, and though it was irrational to think that it was never going to happen again, there were times during their 17-year drought when it felt just like that.

Year after year after year, the Bills were either lousy, or just not quite good enough to get into the postseason, and after a while, you just assumed that every season would end right around New Years’ Day, and then we’d all sit down and watch 12 other teams participate in the playoffs.

For most of the drought, there wasn’t a more irrelevant franchise in football than the Bills in January, and it didn’t matter who the coach was, who the general manager was, or who the quarterback was. The Bills never had the right people in place, and it was so moribund that during those 17 years when they didn’t make it into the tournament, they played only one game that meant anything in Week 17.

And then 2017 happened.

The Pegulas picked a coach named Sean McDermott who actually had a viable plan and a clear vision; a guy who knew what he was doing, a man who could get other men to follow him.

 They ultimately picked a general manager named Brandon Beane who seems to understand what talented players look like, a gunslinger in a suit who isn’t afraid to trade away players who didn’t fit into what he and McDermott are trying to build.

As for the quarterback, maybe he’s not the right man for the job long-term, but love him or hate him, Tyrod Taylor is the first quarterback since Doug Flutie to get the Bills to the postseason.

No matter what happens Sunday in the AFC wild-card game against Jacksonville, this was a watershed year for the Bills. There is much work to be done, but someday we may look back on 2017 the way we did on 1987, the year the Bills began to distance themselves from back-to-back 2-14 seasons and set a dynastic course that ultimately led to 10 playoff appearances, including four straight AFC championships, in a span of 12 years.

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